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Licensing prices are listed below:

One time/one location: 50 people or less $150* License for 12 months at One Location $400*
One time/one location: Over 50 people $250* License for 12 months at Many Location $5,000*

** Please note: it takes between 5-7 business days to receive your DVD.

Israel Inside is copyrighted for personal viewing only, in order to show the film to 10+ people, you need to purchase a screening license.
With this purchase you will receive an Israel Inside screening DVD (running time: 38 minutes) and access to our Promotional materials including:

  • Movie posters, email invitations, tickets, take action cards and brochures.
  • Israel Inside Educational Viewing Guide which includes:
    • Screening organizer checklists
    • Recommended Introductory and closing remarks
    • Discussion questions
    • Action items- how to get involved
    • Information about film cast and crew
    • FAQs
    If you would like to organize an educational screening of Israel Inside, please fill out the form below: (Fields marked with an * are mandatory.)
    If you have any questions or would like more assistance please email


    Please let us know the date of your screening. If you do not know the date yet, check the box below. When you have a date please email and let us know.

    How many people do you expect will attend?

    Selling dvd's:

    Screenings organizers have the opportunity to sell DVDs at events. All DVDs come in cardboard sleeves (running time: 38 minutes).

    Bulk pricing:

    • 10-29: $7.99* each
    • 30-99: $6.99* each
    • 100+: $5.99* each

    * not including shipping

    If you would like to order more than 100 DVDs please email

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    Price: $250
    Price for DVDs (including shipping): $0
    Total Amount: $187.50
  • agreement

    In exchange for receiving (1) a DVD with a copy of the film, "Israel Inside, (the "Film") (2) online access to a screening guide; and (3) online access to Israel Inside Marketing Materials (together, the "Film Package") and by submitting this form, I agree that I and/or the organization I am representing:

    • Will pay the full screening fee for a license to show the Film one-time at one location.
    • Will inform Jerusalem U of when the screening will take place.
    • After the screening, will fill out a brief survey about the event, including the number of attendees.
    • Will not allow anyone else to use the Film or Film Package for any purposes.
    • Will only screen the Film one time at one location.
    • Will screen this Film for educational purposes only.
    • Will not use the Film for fund raising purposes without paying an additional fee and getting Jerusalem U's written approval.
    • Will not do the screening of the Film before April 1, 2012 without Jerusalem U written approval.
    • Except for the marketing material, will not post the Film, Film Package or any parts of it on any website or social media site (such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.) or any other content-sharing entity where it could be viewed by others.
    • Will not copy, change, alter, steal or misrepresent any part of the Film or the Film Package.
    • Will clear any publicity relating to the Film and screening of it with Jerusalem U.
    • Will include Jerusalem U's logo on all promotional and marketing materials related to the Film.
    • Give Jerusalem U the right to include the organization's logo on its web sites, in its social media and its newsletters.
    • Will provide Jerusalem U with a hi-resolution file of the organization's logo.
    • Will only use Jerusalem U's pre-approved marketing materials or will get Jerusalem U's written approval before using any other marketing materials.
    • Are responsible for all costs of using and promoting the Film.
    • Will indemnify and hold harmless Jerusalem U, its officers, employees, representatives, shareholders, representatives, assignees and licensees, and each of them, and each of their successors, from and against any and all liabilities damages and claims (including attorney's fees and court costs) arising out of or related to our use of the Film or the Film Package pursuant to this Agreement or in violation of our obligations under this Agreement.
    • Acknowledge that Jerusalem U is the sole owner of the trademarks in the Film and Film Package and I am only permitted to use the trademarks in connection with the Film and the terms of this Agreement.
    • Acknowledge that all right, title and interest in the Film and Film Package, under copyright, trademark and otherwise is and shall remain vested in Jerusalem U.
    • Acknowledge that Jerusalem U reserves the right to modify any of the conditions and/or costs concerning public screenings of the film.