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Zhao eating eating called, belly problems, dizziness, rapidly let his daughter jia qu han her uncle to last, dying zhao was sent to nanjing ferret liberate prevaricate detector poisoning murderersjanuary 29 celine bags shop, the police finally extract the relevant prove, behind an investigation, police found a group of villagers alive with the martyr hemou major guilt suspects january 31, tianchang city public security bureau invited chuzhou city public security bureau criminal detachment polygraph adept after indepth analysis, try to diagram out the suspect’s life experience and psychological characteristics, wellprepared polygraph.February 2 by noon, the polygraph began., Live polygraph experts and investigators who bottom that, Hemou can never be justified among a digit of opener issues, combined with the conclusion of the polygraph, police interrogation after one fell swoop crash the psychological barricade of the suspect Hemou Hemou had bowed his brain truthfully list the facts outlet hogan civitanova marche of the guilt jealousy grievances along poisoningAccording to the investigation, the 74yearold Hemou a crew of villagers living with the victims of this case Zhao, the aboriginal relationship namely okay.

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